Wine and Our Community 2018

Many people think wine is a positive addition to their lives and their lifestyle. But what is lifestyle if you don’t have good health, enjoyed in a rich, vibrant and cultured community.

The Wine Expo works hard to bring you a fantastic wine and food experience, whilst contributing to many other organizations that add to our amazing east-coast lifestyle.

In 2017, your generous support of the Wine Expo will allow us to continue to support many community organizations including the following:
  • the Atlantic Cancer Research Institute;
  • the George Dumont foundation;
  • the Friends of the Moncton Hospital foundation;
  • Sistema (orchestral instruments for children);
  • the Capitol Theater;
  • the Frye Festival;
  • Convoy for Hope;
  • local and regional Rotary Clubs;
  • Moncton Headstart…and many more!

But we couldn’t do any of this without you! Thank you for helping us put the ‘fun’ in fundraising.



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