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Welcome to Wine Week 2019

With just over a full week of wine related events, we’re certain that we offer something fun and entertaining for every taste and budget. Take a moment to see what treats are in store for the wine lover in all of us.
  • Dinners

    Close collaboration between Chef and Sommelier ensures an exciting dining event, and we know our dinners will excite your inner foodie. link
  • Seminars & Tastings

    This year’s varied offering of Wine Expo seminars will surely keep you entertained while providing many unique food & wine pairing experiences. link
  • ‘Grand’ Tastings

    The four Grand Tasting sessions are the wine tasting events of the year. Each of the sessions offers the same outstanding selection of fine wine and delicious food. link
  • Gourmet Food

    Many wine shows limit their food offer to a simple selection of bread and cheese. But what would the World Wine & Food Expo be without food…gourmet food! link
  • Wine List

    This year’s line up of wine available for tasting is better than ever…a wine for every taste preference and budget. link
  • Bus Service

    To ensure your safety, take advantage of our fleet of busses…they’re a secure and safe way to get to a taxi-friendly location downtown. link
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ANBL Pop Up Wine Shop

ANBL will be on site again for the 29th edition of the World Wine & Food Expo with their Pop Up Wine Shop to help you build your goody list of fun finds, favorites and the ones you loved from the expo. Join us in the Pop Up Wine Shop over Friday & Saturday Nov 1st & 2nd with more than 300 Wine Expo wines available to buy. No tickets is required to purchase.

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