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While no one gets special access, the most eager wine lovers will be buying their Wine Expo tickets the moment they go on sale.  And because they are on our email list, they are reminded of all important dates and times in advance.  There are thousands of wine loving Wine Expo fans on our email list and they get key email reminders each year.
When tickets do go on sale, the people on our email list are ready…and they probably have pre-registered for an account at  If you don’t, some events will literally sell out while you are on-line considering which events to attend or trying to register for your online account.  Last year, many events sold out on the first day of ticket sales…in some cases during the first few minutes of availability.
Why not consider joining our email list.  We won’t bombard you with useless information…just occasional hints and reminders leading up to Wine Expo week.  You will be joining several thousand wine lovers who already benefit from the communication…and it just might be the difference between a fun night out or yet another November night in.
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