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NEW FOR 2012 - ZapTap Technology

Have you ever been frustrated after accidentally losing your wine catalog at the Wine Expo?  You know...the one with all of your notes, comments and preferences penciled in.

If you have a smartphone, this annual frustration could be a thing of the past.  Simply put, we are offering smartphone owners the chance to create a shopping list of the wines that they are most interested in.  Once registered for this free service, simply scan a QR code (or tap the code if you have a new phone with NFC capabilities) for the wine of interest, and hit the 'Favs+' button.  That wine and its price, store location, etc. is now on your shopping list for retrieval at the ANBL on-site store.

Here's how to get started:
  1. Ensure that your smartphone has scanning capability.  If not, you can download a free app from Scanlife.
  2. You must pre-register your phone for the shopping list by tying it to an active Facebook account.  Scan the QR code below to do this fast and easy step:
  3. Every wine at the Wine Expo will have QR code.  If you have interest in buying a wine, simply scan the code and hit the Favs+ button.  This places the wine on your shopping list for retrieval later in the store.  In addition, you can choose to add the wine to your Facebook page.  And should the wine become available at a future date, you can be notified of that as well.
We recommend only scanning a wine if you have interest in buying it.  This will keep your shopping list more accurate and will also provide the wine agent with an indication of which of their wines were the most popular at the Expo.

This is all new...and the first time in Canada that this technology is being used to make wine shopping easier.  We hope you enjoy it...

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