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Gourmet Food at the Expo

Many wine shows limit their food offer to a simple selection of bread and cheese.  But what would the World Wine & Food Expo be without food...gourmet food.  This year there will be more delicious tidbits passionately prepared by the finest Chefs and food purveyors in the region.  They share your love of wine and know it’s a very big part of your enjoyment of great food.
From 1:30 to 3:30 pm and 7:30 to 9:30 pm, several booths at the Grand Tasting sessions will be providing delicious snacks and samples in an attempt to stimulate your taste buds with original creations and unique preparations.  But please remember, these samples are not meant to be meal replacement…and to responsibly enjoy your evening, you are strongly encouraged to eat before your Grand Tasting session.
The following restaurants, chefs and fine food purveyors are hoping to see you at the Grand Tastings:

Please note that the food provided is ‘just a taste’ and is not meant to be a meal replacement.  Please ensure that you’ve eaten in advance of your hours of wine enjoyment.
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