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Exciting Events for 2013

The World Wine & Food Expo is the only major event in Atlantic Canada to offer a full week of wine-related events and activities.  Every year we dedicate our wine-loving energy to ensure wine-lovers have a fun-filled week of food & wine related choices.
We think the number and variety of events offered for 2013 are the most exciting ever!  Amazing wine dinners including a delicious wine & food exploration of the sweet wines of the world, downtown lunch & wine seminars featuring our Chairman’s selection of not-to-be-missed wines, a themed dinner and wine tasting focusing on the best food Atlantic Canada has to offer, and so much more.
And let’s not forget the four Grand Tasting sessions…an annual highlight that in 2013 is sure to excite even the most casual wine drinker.  This year the selection of great wines to taste and enjoy has never been greater.
Please take some time to explore our website.  If you see an event that excites you, you may want to buy your tickets early on October 5th… many events will sell-out in record time.
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