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Your safety is of great concern to all of us.  We want you to arrive home safely after every Wine Expo event.  With well over 350 wines available at the Grand Tasting sessions, we sure don’t want you driving afterwards.   
Getting a taxi after the Expo can be difficult, so pre-arranging transportation by having a family member or friend pick you up after an Expo event is a convenient way of ensuring you get home safely and quickly. 
Another way to ensure your safety is to take advantage of our fleet of busses…they’re a secure and safe way to get to a taxi-friendly location downtown.  These ‘Away Safe’ busses offer a direct express shuttle between the Coliseum Complex and the downtown core. 
We are very pleased that Alcool NB Liquor has agreed to sponsor the 2014 ‘Away Safe’ bus shuttle.  They share our concern for your safety and we couldn’t be happier.
Simply follow the signs upon leaving the Grand Tasting session…they will direct you to a safe area where security personnel and a fleet of busses are waiting to whisk you to downtown Moncton.  Easy, safe…and thanks to Alcool NB Liquor…it’s free!
(Please note:  To ensure the safety of all passengers, wine glasses are not permitted on the buses).
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